We make furniture inspired by an art movement which reflects the taste of the modern era and, at the same time, takes inspiration from the elements of old classical styles; curved legs and richly patterned textiles that are hallmarks of the Baroque style, or the characteristic frames, cascading style and animal patterns of Art Deco are also used to enhance our interiors. We believe that all styles are beautiful, and the elements of every era can give inspiration if one has good taste in combining different styles. We must embrace only one real movement: standards. And what makes all this luxurious? Quality and uniqueness, of course. Quality is tangible; there’s no explanation necessary. You will see the materialised uniqueness if you step into our showroom and feel like: ‘I’ve never seen anything like this’, and when you are offered the opportunity to pick — in a completely personalised way — the materials and solutions that will only be used for building your furniture. And a couple of weeks later, a piece of furniture, only one of which exists in the world, will decorate your home.
Our furniture come to life after they take their own place in a home where they can embody the taste and desires of the owner who received them with love and takes great delight in seeing and using them every day.